Chase fee for cashiers check

Lynda Bryon at KING-5 News in Seattle has the story, ably summed up at The Consumerist: Ikenna , a 28-year old construction worker, went to deposit a $8,463.21 Chase cashier's .


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UPDATE: Chase and the customer tell Consumerist the situation has been resolved. Ikenna, a 28-year old construction worker, went to deposit a $8,463.21 Chase cashier's check at .

While catching up on snail mail after getting back from Thanksgiving, I found a letter from Chase Bank telling me that my Chase Fee Extra Checking account (formerly Washington .

My father gave me a cashier's check from Chase bank, which is his bank, to cash and start getting things for my wedding. It was purchased yesterday, and today, I go .

How to turn $8K into a lot more! Stupid Bank! tisk tisk tisk

How to Get a Cashier's Check Without a Bank Account. Cashier's checks are guaranteed checks from financial institutions. They are often used for big-ticket, private transactions.

check (ch k) n. 1. An action or influence that stops motion or expression; a restraint: Heavy rains were a check on the army's advance. 2. The condition of being stopped or .

Chase is a bank located in downtown. It has an ATM and a talking ATM at this location. The ATM at the MU Games Area was removed Chase fee for cashiers check after being broken for some time.

there are no chase banks in my area but a client mailed me one for about 3200 dollars, where can i cash this, an ace checks or any bank? either?

Last June, 28-year-old Ikenna Njoku of Auburn, Washington was reportedly imprisoned for four days after trying to cash a Chase check Chase

Chase fee for cashiers check

fee for cashiers check the bank itself had issued

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