clean diesel nissan

Hi guys, I've just bought a nissan 'pickup' (i'm guessing that's what you'd call it because here in australia it's a dual cab ute. ) with a QD32 3.2L


General Motors announced that it will produce a new 4.5-liter Duramax tubodiesel engine for its light duty trucks built after 2009. That clean diesel nissan list includes the Chevy Silverado, the .

We tend to prefer smaller cars here at Green Car Reports. Since far more than half of U.S. car journeys are made by a single occupant, smaller could often suffice--and cost .

How to Clean the EGR Valve on a 1998 Nissan Maxima. The 1998 Nissan Maxima uses the exhaust-gas recirculation system to route excess exhaust gas back into the engine to reduce .

Learn about the BlueTEC diesel exhaust treatment system developed by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos by Cummins, Nissan as published by the U.S. Department clean diesel nissan of Energy Cummins is developing a high-efficiency inline-four-cylinder diesel engine with money from the U.S .

For decades, Volkswagen and Audi have held the only options for North American shoppers wanting a

clean diesel nissan

highly efficient model with a four-cylinder turbo-diesel


Cummins and Nissan are testing a 4-cylinder diesel engine for the Nissan Titan with the feds that could get 28 mpg while pumping more than 350 lbs-ft. of torque. Mahindra who?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good injector cleaner fuel additive? I mean can you notice the results in power and mileage? Thanks for the

Explore how to get the highest return on your investment when considering a low-impact luxury-class Sport Utility Vehicle. Hybrid? Clean Diesel?

Clean Car Talk is all about hybrid, electric, plug-in, clean diesel cars and other clean driving choices and transportation options for consumers and car lovers. Clean Car Talk .

Just like you, I'm getting more and more interested in the environment. Or to be honest, it's the issue of the environment that's getting to haunt me more and more.

Find and compare the most fuel efficient vehicles based on vehicle class, engine size, miles per gallon (MPG), fuel type, green vehicle rating, and more. Data from the US EPA.

Today's diesel engines are quieter and cleaner than those of the past

Not long ago the word "diesel" was synonymous with loud, smelly, and unreliable vehicles in the United States. In fact, over the last several decades diesels had all .

Read about how the next Nissan Z, Mitsu Evo, Subaru WRX may be getting diesel and hybrid

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