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Collection of cute and cool symbols and special text characters for your Facebook, Myspace or Google+ plus profile. Put these special facebook symbols in your chat, status .


Don't know what to write on your wall in Facebook? Here is a list of 60 very funny Facebook status messages that you can use in your profiles.

(your name): is attending the event: "(your name) is lonely. this is not a joke event. I am already on my third ice cream bucket." People attending(0), Maybe .

There are many ways to use your status update on Facebook. Here are 10 ideas about how to think of filling that space.

If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses. By Wylie Overstreet

Cool Facebook symbols are not just to make your profile page attractive. Here are some funky Facebook symbols that will liven up your page.

Are you looking for some good Facebook status quotes? You have found the right place to get them. Keep reading.

What should i put as my status on Facebook cause i wanna put something crazy that barely makes any sense but i don't know what to put.

I won't bore you with a story, I'll just give you a list of funny and sarcastic lines. For the ones that I did not develop on my own, I have included the source if I recall its .

Here are some suggestions of things you can place in the box: 1. ASCII art 2. _____ has been kidnapped by ninja`s 3. _____ is watching you! 4. _____feels like getting some work .

Looking for Something cool to put on facebook status some awesome, cool & funny Facebook status questions to ask, post or use to get comments & likes on your wall? Check out some of the best questions Something cool to put on facebook status here.

Are you looking for funny quotes for you status update on Facebook? The ones that will make your friends laugh? You came to the right place! Here you can fi

Hi im trying 2 find a middle finger text 2 fit on my facebook status did it b4 but now cant it help please?

How to Be Cool on Facebook. For the new users of the networking site Facebook, this is a go-to guide for being cool with your crush online. Know how to "talk" to him or her and .

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